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Kody Allen Photography specializes in wedding photography and takes pride in not just telling a story with great looking photos but connecting with each and every couple. Out of all your friends, family and vendors, your photographer will spend the most time with the two of you during your dream wedding. This is why Kody Allen puts so much thought into his connection with couples. The photos from your wedding will be the only item from your wedding that will last as long as your love for each other, and it's important that each and every one of those photos warms your heart each time you look at them for years to come. This connection plays a vital role in creating images that will do just that.

"My wife and I had the most amazing experience having Kody as our wedding photographer... The shots he took were great and he was easy going throughout the day not getting in the way or being demanding which was perfect as we wanted the day to be laid back and relaxed..."
Adam & Angie
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Prices starting at £900

Send your CV and portfolio to hello_real


I have had a camera in my had since a high school teacher of mine in 2004 took me under his wing, and asked me to take photos of our high school sports games. My last year in school I worked in a print lab and it gave me an appreciation for print that has stuck with me since. It also made me realize how important prints truly are. In 2009 I started being hired for photo sessions and the rest is history. 

I am a proud father of a boy and girl that are my whole world along with my beautiful wife. On our off time, we travel, and we travel every chance we get. We are normally hiking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking and anything else outdoors. Outside of traveling and our outdoor activities we… I guess when we are not working, we are planning our next adventure. We are inspired by the many cultures of the world. Always pushing ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. To read more about me please check out the blog tab and click on the "About Kody Allen" tab.


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