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Damian & Kelly The Lost Keys

Damian and Kelly were naturals in front of the camera which make my job so much easier and enjoyable. I do my best to only make subtle adjustments to couples during the portrait session, but with these two I just had to tell them were to stand or walk and they did everything else on their own. Such as this photo above, I went to ask Kelly to look back at me but she just did it and smelt her bouquet before I was able to get the words out of my month. Just an enjoyable couple to photograph!

As I've said before, more times than not there will be some kind of problem during the wedding. You can either go with the flow (because it will work itself out) or you can let it ruin you magical day. I find it that in these moments that I'm able to help my couples go with the flow and keep the stress level down. In the case of Damian and Kelly, the unforeseen event was Damian's forgetting who had his keys. Everyone had already left to the venue and he started making calls and I felt the stress coming. I simply said "hey Damian, you have a best man for a reason. Give him a call and tell him about the situation and he'll get your keys here while we have some fun doing your portraits." Damian did just that and we continued like nothing had happened. Doing my best to take all the photos I could think of to keep their mind off of the situation but the best man

was taking his time. That's ok though because I can keep talking or coming up with different photos to have fun with, such as this photo to the right. I told them that my job is to tell a story so let's tell the story and posed them in a fun way to make them laugh. Talked some more, captured more photos, and finally their keys arrived. Made it to the venue with no other problems and it was as though nothing had held them up at all.