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We went to Paris in February 2020 before all the lock downs occurred in Europe. Paris is one of those places that is a must go in many peoples minds and we were part of that group. But after visiting the city were we glad that we went? For the most part we are happy that we had the opportunity to mark Paris off our bucket list and I was able to get some incredible photos.

The Louvre


  • Like most of Europe, public transit is affordable and easy to access. We do not speak French and we had no issues at all finding our way around and using the train system they have in the city.

  • We actually walked more than anything because we wanted to feel the entire experience of being there and I highly suggest anyone visiting Paris do the same.


  • I would highly suggest staying inside the E15 (the road that circles the inner part of the city.

  • We stayed at a hotel outside of this and the area was very dirty and felt shady.

  • If you have a rental car, make sure to find a hotel that has a parking garage.


  1. Louvre Museum - Image above. We were unable to go inside the Louvre but we are planning on a second trip so that we can explore the Louvre. The outside was beautiful and at night it was surprisingly calm.

  2. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris - The Cathédrale was under repair from the 2019 fire when we were there but just seeing it from the outside will make you go awe. If you are planning on going to Paris, make sure that the Cathédrale is open to visitors as it is a must for any visitor.

  3. Catacombs of Paris - This place can be a little creepy since it houses bones. The Catacombs was a limestone mine that now has human skulls lining the walls.

  4. Eiffel Tower - Of course! This is the iconic places to see when something thinks about traveling to Paris. This visit takes as long as you want as it is just a marvel to see in person.

  5. Palace of Versailles - The Palace is on the most outer part of the city on the west side. You will need to get an Uber or taxi to get here but the Palace is absolutely beautiful. You can almost spend a hole day here walking through the Palace and the grounds. Walking through the halls and seeing the incredible paintings, architecture, and listening to the history of the royal family that once lived there.


  • We would suggest spending at least 4 days in Paris to get the full experience.


  • We enjoyed our adventure in Paris overall, but would we go back if it wasn't for not being able to see the Louvre? Probably not. Mainly, Paris is one of those places that are on many people's bucket list so I understand the desire to want to go and I wouldn't try to tell you not to. The city was very dirty overall, more so on the outer ring of the city but still dirty. The people there were hit or miss if they were friendly or not. Out of the cities that we have visited this one is probably our least favorite and that is from Katie and I both.

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